Corporate Performance Advisory


Corporate Performance Advisory

Corporate Performance Advisory (CPA) is a thrusted advisor related to company performance topics.

CPA addresses performance through improving leadership and management capabilities at client side working closely with company owners, investors and C-level management or taking over leadership roles in special situations (turnaround, restructuring, etc.).

In addition, CPA is very well known for building alliances and strong networks which allows us to involve external experts and executives from around the globe when assignment require specific or additional support, but also to bring in IT solutions which support performance management practices.

In a company history, there was also a nice record of leadership development trainings and other workshops related to human resources practises.

CPA insights are brought in through/ by:

  • revisions of strategies and business models,
  • strategic and business planning,
  • resolving financial issues (financing, refinancing, distress),
  • M&A activities (where feasible) for chosen clients,
  • implementing the best practices related to governance, leadership and management.

CPA provides solution by enhancing or introducing planning processes, setting both long term and short-term objectives and cascading them through the organisation down to single person level and building sustainable corporate performance systems.

CPA Services

Business Area selection

  • Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Implementation of management by objective practices
  • Finance
  • Strategic Finance Function
  • Accounting
  • Treasury and Investors Relationships
  • Risk and Compliance
  • M&A
  • IT in finance
  • Organisational view
  • HR
  • Development and Implementation of Processes and Programs Oriented to Employees
  • Leadership Development

Business Interest Selection

  • Company Owner or Major Shareholders
  • Member of the Board Level Management
  • Bank or Other Significant Creditor
  • Potential Investor
  • Start-ups

Development Phase Selection

  • The Beginning-Support in Formation
  • Change Management-Support in Transformation
  • Maturity-Support to Excellence and Business Improvements
  • Support in Downsizing, Closing or Sale of Businesses

Assignment Type Selection

  • Non-executives/ Trustee Involvement
  • Interim Management
  • Management Consulting-Counselling
  • Insolvency Management/Bankruptcy
  • Workshops and Lectures
  • Advisory Services

IT solutions

CPA offers IT solutions in partnership with chosen companies which allows automation in planning, reporting and sustaining corporate performance systems:

  • IT to Business Strategy Alignment
  • Design and Implementation of IT Controls
  • Risk Management Advisory
  • System Selection Advisory
  • IT Contracting Advisory
  • IT Project Quality Assurance and Project Implementation Supervision
  • IT Governance Advisory
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • IT Security
  • Application and Infrastructure Advisory
  • IT Project Management and IT Due Diligence


CPA is building a team of 3 trainers to utilize KPI Institute certified programs both for the market (open enrolment), but also as internal training programs in bigger organisations to facilitate the management by objectives practices.

Radićeva 36, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone number:+ 385 1 48 18 127