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The KPI Institute is a leading research institute, specialized in business performance, catering to customers worldwide, working with more than 6082 client organisations in 41 countries, on 6 continents. The KPI Institute sets an industry standard by offering professionals the world’s first professional certification to validate performance management and KPIs expertise


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WHY Partner with us?


Our partners have the unique advantage of selling and delivering the world’s most comprehensive training on
KPIs selection, documentation and reporting, a result of our research in performance
management system implementation.

Partner with the leader

With more than 5,000 certified KPI professionals worldwide, The KPI Institute is a proven global leader in performance management and KPIs training.

Collaborate for success

The KPI Institute offers the support you need to be successful throughout our partnership. As a partner, you will have access to the online partner portal, which is home to a rich set of partnership management tools, to help you become a performance management expert.

Develop unrivalled expertise

In addition to providing partners with enablement training and technical support, The KPI Institute offers a range of professional development resources available with The KPI Institute insight plus Membership. Moreover, our consultant resource centres provide partners with the same tools and reference materials that our employees use in field.

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