LOCATION/123 Watson Street

Bahçelievler, Istanbul (avrupa) Türkiye, Yeni Bosna Merkez Mh, İstWest A1A, block. No 67;
Phone number:+90212 809 06 55
Office number:+90212 809 04 66
Ivory Training and Consulting

Ivory Training and Consulting is a training and consulting company located in Istanbul, Turkey offering customized corporate training programs both in Turkey and GCC (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Sudan and Yemen).

We work closely with organizations from Ministries & Commissions, Islamic Banking and NGOs in developing regional leadership and management practices that redefine work concepts and improve performance.


Training: IVORY assists professionals in gaining, developing and usage of the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge in the business environment and areas of activities;

Consulting: In the desire to meet specialists’ needs, we offer the following services: Recruiting and Selection; Performance Management; Strategic Planning, Policies & Procedures, Needs Assessment, Change Management, Employee Surveys, Evaluate and Develop Customer Service level, Build HR Competency System

Electronic and Online Training: IVORY is seeking to create an interactive environment which is rich in applications based on computer technology and networks. It enables the trainee to achieve the training objectives through interacting with the sources and also have access to information and e-learning networks destined to the study and review of training programs and courses, and design training programs.