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July 16, 2019by admin

Back between the 15th – 17th of April, earlier this year, Andrea Minelli, Management Consultant for The KPI Institute, in partnership with Bliss Business Academy, facilitated the first ever edition of our worldwide renowned course – The Certified KPI Professional, in French, in Cameroon’s economical capital, Douala.

Bliss Business Academy is a Multi-Disciplinary Consulting and Training firm, whose primary objectives is that of providing and disseminating HR best practices for Cameroon and Central Africa-based organizations.

Thanks to Bliss Business Academy’s visibility as a leading training and advisory services provider in Cameroon, the French-speaking course received widespread interest from Cameroonian professionals, mostly from top-ranking representatives of the leading companies operating in the country.

The Certified KPI Professional – C-KPI for short, brought to Cameroon a whole new series of insights and best practices from the field, specifically how businesses can and should look to optimize their operations and management procedures.

“The course is hands-on practice and it allows us to find performance mistakes that we often do when we manage our departments or teams in terms of setting objective, KPIs but above all setting up expectations of performance results” – Mokala Yannick Stephane, Surgeon-Dentiste, Dental Cabinet MyDentist 

During the 3-day learning experience, participants mastered the following crucial concepts, through practical, customized exercises and case studies:

  • What is a Performance Management Framework and how to bring it to life;
  • How to implement best practices associated with the selection of relevant KPIs;
  • How to set realistic, yet challenging targets;
  • Ensuring the creation of a sound performance framework, supporting a performance-oriented culture.

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“The C-KPI Professional is a comprehensive learning experience that allows to clearly understand and better manage the world of KPIs, and no matter the degree of maturity of your organization, you will certainly upgrade your performance measurement skills” – Belinda Ngounou, HR Supervisor, Bliss Business Academy.

The course had 15 attendees, mostly HR Managers, Finance Directors, QHSE Engineers, Customer Management Managers, from some of the biggest companies in Cameroon, with diverse industry backgrounds, from training and education, to banking and logistics.

Course Journal

This first edition of the Certified KPI Professional in Cameroon provided a solid theoretical and hands-on-practice foundation on how to optimize all the tools that are part of the performance management system.

Day I

During the first day, participants were introduced to a series of exercises associated with standard elements of performance management such as KPIs, milestones & value statements, and assessed how to build a Performance Management Framework Architecture and ensure good governance.

Day II

The second day was dedicated to practical training, aimed towards one of the most important phases of implementing a Performance Management System, which is the selection and alignment of KPIs and strategic objectives, among the numerous organizational layers.

Understanding the behind-the-scenes of the KPI selection process was a great source of discussion among attendees.


During the final day of the learning experience, by making use of customized exercises, attendees managed to fully grasp the process of documenting a KPI, setting up realistic, yet challenging targets and ensuring they possess a robust data collection process.

As a call to action, participants listed down the main takeaways from this learning experience, with the objective of implementing them in their own organizational contexts.

“The attended course, provided great added-value, allowing to better understand and manage the performance management framework, implementing best practices on how to improve overall productivity” – Mohamadou Aminou Bachirou, QHSE Manager, AMT Cameroon.

Want to know more about Performance Measurement and Management?

As performance is a continuous concern for organizations, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than pleased to assist you throughout your performance measurement and management journey.

Take this course for example. The top 3 Key Business Benefits it brings for an organization are as follows:

  • Improve the performance of your company, by practicing a sound framework for KPI measurement;
  • Obtain better business results, by selecting the right KPIs to monitor for your company;
  • Generate value from using KPIs, by optimizing the data collection process.

If you are interested in measuring & improving the performance of your company, be sure to check out The KPI Institute or Bliss Business Academy ’s website from time to time, for more details on upcoming French-speaking performance measurement and management courses.

If you would like to inquire about or register for our upcoming courses, or request further information regarding in-house training courses, please contact the following:

  • Benjamin K. Nwall, CEO Bliss Academy Cameroon, e-mail: [email protected] or phone number: + 237 233426994;
  • Carmen Boboc, Partnership Manager at [email protected] or phone number + 61 390 282 223;
  • Andrea Minelli, Management Consultant at [email protected] or phone number +1 757 515 2998 .

Wishing you the best of performance!