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January 3, 2020by admin

Between the 24th and 28th of November, our Management Consultant, Raluca Vintila, was engaged in a 5-day training project in Doha, Qatar. It was the first open training course organized in Qatar, and we were delighted at the opportunity of engaging with this enthusiastic group of professionals and practitioners.

The training course was particularly interesting, given the attendees’ diverse backgrounds, ranging from real estate and finance, to manufacturing and healthcare. Diversity at its best! Therefore, we were able to learn from a variety of environments about how to apply performance measurement principles and best practices.

The project, supported by Vision Strategy Management Consulting – VSMC, combined 2 programs into a single learning experience: the Certified KPI Professional (3 days) and the Certified KPI Practitioner (2 days).

Course Journal

The Certified KPI Professional (day 1 – 3)

The first 3 days were dedicated to setting up a common foundation in working with KPIs, as well as having an aligned understanding of the associated concepts and basic practices.

Generally speaking, the group had a bit of experience in working with such systems, as some participants were already operating a Performance Management System based on KPIs, while others didn’t even have a system in place yet.

Therefore, an opportunity arose, to both learn how to set up a system from scratch and identify possible system enhancements.

The Certified KPI Practitioner (day 4 and 5)

Given that the foundation built in the first 3 days, with the help of VSMC, included a wide range of examples, from a variety of functional areas and industries, which brought all the pieces together, we focused on a single case study.

This was used to provide context in applying all the fresh learning takeaways of the professional training course, in a practical fashion, because that’s what practitioners do – they gain knowledge and make the most out of it by applying it.

Why, you may ask yourselves? Well, to be at peak informational performance, so that when everyone returns to their organizations, they are equipped not only with newfound knowledge, but also a practical sense of how to implement it.

Moreover, while our course should have ended at this stage, we decided to top off the learning experience by simulating a performance review meeting. The purpose was to showcase the managerial side of KPIs, as oftentimes they only get associated with measurement, calculations and technicalities.

Overall, it’s been an enchanting and enriching experience, due to the attendees’ high level of involvement into all of the exercises, case studies and role plays.

Special thanks to VSMC, for enabling our vision to become a reality – empowering the world, in order to achieve performance excellence!