Performance Growth Consultants


Performance Growth Consultants

Performance Growth Consultants is a management consulting and training company, with the intent to facilitate continuous growth and excellence in client organisations.


Strategic Development: Our customers get practical strategic management process that produces meaningful plans and drive day-to-day activities. We empower businesses to define a clear, shared, strategic vision of where they want to be and to garner the necessary support and performance at all levels. Our holistic approach aligns the entire organisation to strategy.

Balanced Scorecard and KPI: We assist clients to discover techniques for fostering organisational alignment to strategy. PGC has practical ways of helping clients to solve the pains of measuring and monitoring performance.

Performance Management: We enable organisations to develop performance management systems through the processes of planning goal setting, monitoring, providing feedback, analysing and assessing performance, reviewing, dealing with under-performers and coaching.

PM software: Enables organisations to integrate, align and manage all strategic, tactical and individual performance information including .The system assists in the monitoring and management of performance by generating reports.

Organisation Design: We help clients in developing new organisational structures that are appropriately aligned to the organizations’ strategic plans aimed at improving both individual and organisational performance.

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