LeadingEdge Marketing & Management Services Sdn Bhd (LEMMS)


LeadingEdge Marketing & Management Services Sdn Bhd (LEMMS)

Established in 2003, LeadingEdge Marketing and Management Services Sdn. Bhd. (LEMMS)

Organizing both local and international exhibitions, conferences, trainings, workshops, seminars and other related activities with dedication and commitment to quality is paramount to our company’s mission to be the best in the industry. We strive for excellence and we leverage our knowledge and expertise in today’s complex information technology environment.


We value our core expertise in:

  • Event Management and Coordination
  • Event Marketing and Sales and Services Support
  • Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences
  • Marketing and Management Services on various industry
  • Designing and producing brochures, information booklets and magazines
  • Facilitating media coverage, including electronic and print media etc.
  • Supply and delivery of labor, goods and services
  • Trainings and Capability Building

Training Programmes Offered

  • Information Security Management
  • Practitioners and Government Officials
  • Human Resources and Development
  • Cybercrime Awareness Training Courses
  • Islamic Finance
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Management Programs
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Managing Change and Performance
  • Technical courses
  • Communication

Brunei Darussalam
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