Ivoire Expertise Conseils (IEC)


Ivoire Expertise Conseils (IEC)

Ivoire Expertise Conseils (IEC) is a management consulting firm in Côte d’Ivoire specialized in HR management, organizational behavior development, strategy, recruitment and training in the management field.

Since 2008, IEC is focused on supporting organizations in their quest of performance. Our slogan is "let's unite our talents for your success".


IEC provides services that address both public and private sectors and focus on auditing, training and advisory services.

IEC supports its customers in meeting challenges such as:

  • Optimization of the organizational model by translating vision and business strategy into functional strategy;
  • Correlation of strategic thinking, operational implementation and change management;
  • Implementation of functional strategies, change management and team management;
  • Alignment of Human Resource functions with corporate strategy;
  • Development of modern Human Resource management tools;
  • Recruitment of skilled personnel to meet the desired performance;
  • Consolidation of Management and Human Resources function capacities.

Cote D’Ivoire
Abidjan Cocody II Plateaux Angré 7ème tranche, Rue L129, Immeuble JASMINE 3ème étape Porte A7, Cote D’Ivoire
Phone number:+225 22 42 89 06
contact@ivoireexpertiseconseils.com www.ivoireexpertiseconseils.com