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FIG Polska

FIG Polska is a leading Polish strategic consulting company that provides trainings and seminars for top management since 1996. We developed a unique business model on the Polish market due to practical experience in the area of strategic management consulting combined with training methodology. This model allows us to deliver the most cost-optimal consulting projects for Clients and at the same time ensures more effective implementation of new solutions.

Strategy management

FIG Polska has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing strategies aimed at sustainable growth of the company's value. Our model of cooperation with Clients assumes the support for top management in the process of developing innovative business strategies and enabling the strategy to be translated into operational activities to facilitate its implementation (recommended strategy implementation tools: Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Project Management).

Sales and marketing

FIG Polska supports Clients in identifying markets and their segmentation, selecting the most attractive customer groups and building the value propositions based on permanent distinctions. An inherent component of the market strategy is the selection of a portfolio of products and services and their adjustment to selected market segments. Marketing strategies are implemented in sales models that guarantee the achievement of the ambitious company goals.

Finance and business efficiency

Each organization needs an external view of its business operations and the discovery of new areas of efficiency as well as profitability improvement. FIG Polska experts support enterprises in the areas of financial management through: optimization of investment processes, selection of appropriate sources of financing, cost optimization, implementation of financial planning tools and management accounting systems tailored to managers needs.

Organisation and management

FIG Polska experts support organizations through implementation of systems: management by objectives (MBO), management by KPIs, Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and incentive systems based on VBM, BSC, MBO and KPI. 

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