Become an Audit Partner

Take organizations towards an Integrated Performance Management System

Become an Audit Partner with the support of the Global Performance Audit Unit (GPA Unit), the strategy and performance audit division of The KPI Institute. Start assessing the maturity of Performance Management Systems and help organizations elevate current practices to best practices.


Training Enablement

An in-house/open/online training course for receiving the status of Certified Performance Audit Professional. Support and guidance for conducting performance maturity assessments.

Marketing Enablement
  • Marketing capability building in creating demand for Performance Audit Services
  • Listing on GPA Units partner directory
  • Access to marketing collaterals: editable tamplates for brochures, flyers and roll-up
  • Assistance with and deploying a marketing plan;
  • Demand generation campaigns
  • Joint marketing programs sponsorships
  • Audit Delivery Partner logo and confirmation of the status on all media channels used
  • Certificate of Recognition for the first assessed organization
Sales Enablement
  • Training: on-demand video and live training on how to market and sell the Performance Audit services
  • Sales tools and templates (building a sales funnel, sales pitch, most common objections)
  • Lead generation/forwarding
  • Sales activity reports
  • Support for sales presentations and proposals
  • Joint sales calls and credentials presentation.
Instructional Resources
  • Access to the e-learning platform
  • Phone/video support during the delivery of performance maturity assessments
  • Access to our Audit Library (catalogues of best practices for each framework, templates for audit reports and roadmaps – editable)
  • Webinars on the topic of performance management systems maturity auditing
Financial Benefits
  • Fixed service fee on delivery
  • Preferential rates for additional advisory services