Become an  Accredited Training Provider


Helping you become an expert in performance management

Become an Accredited Training Provider to differentiate and position yourself as a performance management subject matter expert in your market. We’re here to support you every step of the way, from training you and your staff to become KPI Certified Practitioners to expert content, demand generation programs and building a strong recurring revenue stream.

Requirements to join

Thorough review of organisational experience, market recognition/reputation, business practices, instructional staff, training facilities, and professional network.
Demonstrable history of delivering high quality education programs, a well-developed customer base and/or network of professional affiliations, and a reputation for maintaining a high standard of ethics.
Successful completion of the Training Enablement Program
2 Practitioner Certified Trainers
Annual membership fee
Marketing and co-branding
Dedicated sales force



Financial Benefits

Discounts on Certification Exams vouchers;
Marketing development funds.

Training Enablement

Certification Program;
Coaching Training Delivery Methods.

Marketing Enablement

Access to marketing and sales best practices and tools;
Joint marketing programs;
Listing of training programs on;
Listing on The KPI Institute’s partner directory;
Promotional content.

Sales Enablement

Pre-sales support;
Demand generation support;
Sales leads;
Sales and product training;
Dedicated Channel Manager.

Instructional Resources

Needs assessments and pre-course quiz;
Certification Exam objectives;
The KPI Institute approved instructor and learning materials;
Certification roadmap;
Infographics and visual aids;
KPI Dictionaries, KPI reports, Performance Management Toolkits, research library resources;
The KPI Institute’s hosted webinars;
8 hours of research analyst support;
8 hours of customized secondary research.

Access to The KPI Institute community

Attendance of 3 days’ course or conference of your choice;
Access to The KPI Institute’s e-learning platform for administration of Certified Courseware and Participation Diplomas.